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Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttle

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It’s hard to find a reliable, high-quality company when you’re looking for transportation services in Orlando, Florida. It’s even harder to find a company that stands by their rates year round, and that’s been rated among the top shuttle and transportation services in Orlando for the past few years. Our executive-style, comfortable and stylish fleet is perfect for any family or business event, as well as couples and families looking for a speedy, relaxing ride to the port (faster than the competition, every time). We take pride in our cars, our drivers, and our service. That’s why we provide service with a smile and guarantee that you’ll arrive on time, or get your money back!

Our executive shuttle and transportation services are among the best for several reasons:

-We can get you to the port in less than an hour

Our shuttle services are the fastest around, and we know our way around the city. No matter where we’re coming from, and no matter what time of day, our drivers guarantee that you’ll be to the port on time (within an hour). We’ll even get you off of the cruise ship and to a flight (avoiding layovers and wait times) on time, every time.

-We guarantee that time frame from anywhere in the city.

We can even have a driver on standby to meet you at the airport upon your arrival, and greeting you from the airport without any delays or layovers.

Our drivers greet you with a smile and carry your luggage to the car. They’ll meet you at the airport and guarantee that everything is in order for your cruise or flight–our drivers are on standby to meet you wherever you are!

-Our vehicles are all less than 3 years old, so you never have to worry about issues.

We only operate cars from 2013 or newer, so you’ll never have to worry about waiting on another car.

-Our Mercedes Sprinter vans offer the classiest transportation for the price, comfortably seating 11 (plus luggage and head space) for one low rate.

If you’ve got a big group, don’t get stress about it! Our Mercedes Sprinters carry an army of family or business members anywhere you need to go, in style and class.

The Best Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttle, Or Your Money Back

We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to our customer service. Our executive transport service provides the best customer service, at the best price, with the best vehicles. We take pride in our drivers, and they’re always the fastest, most street-smart drivers in all of the Orlando. They don’t get lost; they know all the shortcuts, and they get you to and from the port in record time!

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