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Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet is an administration we give at an airplane terminal in which our drivers go the additional mile for travelers. Instead of sitting tight outside on the check for your vehicle, your driver will meet you inside the air terminal and help you to the vehicle with any gear you may have.

How It Works

At the point when your plane grounds, you'll take after the air terminal signage to the baggage carousel, regardless of the possibility that you don't have handled gear. Regularly, our driver or meet and greet staff is holding up just before or close by the passage to the baggage carousel. He or she will be wearing uniform or business suit and holding a sign with either your company log if part of a convention or meeting or – doubtlessly – your first and last name.

From that point, the driver or meet and greet staff will help you accumulate and move any gear before heading towards your assigned parked vehicle. Vehicle is located for convenience in the ground level of the airport right under the baggage claim area, indoors for easy access.

Why Should I Choose a Meet and Greet?

Meet and Greet is perfect for any individual who needs a private ride taking after a flight. In case you're a financial plan minded explorer, its a fun approach to overdo it amid uncommon events, as on a wedding trip or when inviting somebody extraordinary back home!

It's a timesaver, as well, in light of the fact that you can dispose of time regularly spent taking a bus transport to your parking spot or sitting tight for your auto to land by the control. It can likewise be useful to travelers attempting to discover their ride after entering a new air terminal, particularly in case you're traveling to a spot you've never been. Also, obviously, having somebody help with your gear is always a plus!

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